broken fence

A brand-new look for your yard is an exciting change. Now that you’ve got that fancy new fence up, you’re probably wading through a great deal of garbage and wondering what to do with awkwardly shaped junk like old fencing. Whether you need help with taking out the trash or can do it yourself, there are many disposal methods at hand. Learn how to dispose of an old fence properly—you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Salvage the Pieces

Are you DIY-savvy? Disused fencing can be a prime source for materials to upcycle into unique furniture and home décor. Artfully arrange the boards into a charming headboard for your bed, fashion them into rustic picture frames, or use them to construct a coffee table or shoe rack. If you’re not the crafty type, think of someone you know who may have a use for those panels. Ask your friends and neighbors if they need material for DIY projects.

Consider Recycling

If you don’t know anyone who could use those old panels, contact your local recycling center and ask if they accept construction waste. If they do, make sure you’ve got a vehicle with a large enough flatbed to haul it away yourself.

Call in Reinforcements

Sometimes you just want to be rid of the trash as soon as possible, but you don’t have access to a truck to haul it off. Look up local laws, too—some areas prohibit you from tossing construction waste into a dumpster anyway. Your quickest and easiest bet is to call a demolition contractor. Junk Man offers first-rate, same-day disposal of fencing in Las Vegas and is timely, safe, and efficient.

A pile of disused wood in your yard may feel like a mountain, but disposing of it doesn’t have to be as arduous as climbing one. Be proactive about clearing it away, and don’t be afraid to enlist professional help. You now have several options in your pocket for how to dispose of an old fence, so don’t delay—get rid of it now so you can enjoy your newly-renovated yard!

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