Junk Removal in Spring Valley

You can enjoy your home renovation or freshly landscaped yard sooner by hauling the debris away on the double. Those piles of junk can seem daunting at first—but rest assured that you don’t have to tackle this massive project alone. Junk Man is the premier junk removal service in the Spring Valley area, and we’re dedicated to helping you enjoy a clean and renovated living space. First and foremost, let’s get that garbage out of your way!

Our junk removal in Spring Valley takes care of all kinds of waste, including:

  • Old, unwanted mattresses
  • Drywall and other home renovation debris
  • Asphalt and old paving
  • Appliances like refrigerators
  • Non-functional electronics
  • Regular household trash
  • Yard waste from landscaping projects or weather damage

Even simple decluttering projects can generate a great deal of waste. When you clean out your house, you’re bound to find mountains of “stuff” you don’t need anymore. Worn-out couches, broken electronics, and plain old household trash take up more space than you may think. Luckily, you don’t have to make that junk disappear all on your own. We haul away junk in Spring Valley and other areas around Las Vegas.

No matter how much refuse you need us to haul away, our Spring Valley junk pickup is easy and stress-free for you. When you call Junk Man and speak to one of our experts, we’ll discuss the nature of your junk pile and give you a quote. Once you accept that quote, we can start hauling within hours!

Preserve your peace of mind after a big home project by enlisting our help. Our friendly customer service representatives will help you get the ball rolling. Junk removal in Spring Valley doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Leave it to us, and you will enjoy a tidy, spacious home in no time.

*We don't remove hazardous materials or liquids*