Post Holiday Clean Up

The hustle and bustle doesn’t end when your holiday is over. What do you do with all that leftover junk? Some decorations can’t simply be tossed in the trash or left on your curb. Think about any gifts you’ve received, too. You may have gotten a new TV to replace your broken one or a comfy chair to replace one that’s seen better days. Your living room hasn’t got space for two of each, so call JunkMan to help you declutter and minimize.

JunkMan has years of experience in old furniture removal, from couches to box springs to dining room tables. If it doesn’t work and nobody wants it, it’s junk! Avoid cluttering your curb with items your garbage truck may not take; instead, call a professional appliance removal service. We offer same-day service and can haul away all the old, so you can make room for the new. Whether you need appliance removal or general post-holiday junk hauling, we’ve got a stellar reputation for getting that junk out of your house.

Old furniture removal can be arduous if you’re doing it on your own. From moving it out of your house to finding a truck that will haul it away, the process can take days if you’re doing it yourself. Luckily, you don’t have to. JunkMan is known throughout the Las Vegas area for our friendly customer service and efficient junk removal. We take care of old TV removal if you’ve just received a new one for the holiday! If you can’t handle two of everything after the holidays are over, we’ll haul away the extras for you.

Looking to enlist JunkMan’s services? It’s easy. The first step is to give us a call and describe how much junk you need hauled away. Once we’ve reviewed your situation, we’ll give you a quote. Once you accept that quote, we can get right to work on that old furniture removal for you. Don’t break your back trying to handle something like appliance removal yourself—call the experts, and leave it to us.