Fence Rentals and You: What You Should Know

Whether you’re doing a residential or commercial project, you need to put up a fence when you’re dealing with heavy-duty construction or demolition. Temporary fencing is a crucial safety precaution and, in many areas, the law requires it. Next time you’re in the market for fence rentals in Las Vegas, keep these pointers in mind. Here’s a quick guide to fence rentals and you and what you should know about them.

Do You Need One?

How big is your project? You may not think you need a temporary fence. But look into your local laws and ordinances to double-check. Think about your location, too. If your construction or demolition site is close to other residences or businesses, you’ll need to cordon off your area for safety’s sake. That’s what temporary fencing is for, after all.

Choosing the Fence

What type of project are you doing? Depending on the project and its location, your needs may be different. Fencing panels are the most common. They look and feel similar to classic chain-link fences. They’re sturdy, wide, and difficult for outsiders to scale. If your project requires heavy machinery and creates possible hazards, look into adding orange fencing. The bright color will warn passersby of the potential dangers of getting too close.

Fence Delivery

First things first—you need to get that fence onto your construction or demolition site. When you choose JunkMan for temporary fence rentals in Las Vegas, our specialists will arrive on your site to install the fence for you. We have over 10 years of experience in the field and offer same-day service. Just choose your preferred fence and give us a call!

Keeping It Up

How long is your construction or demolition project going to take? Check your local ordinances if you suspect your project will take several months. Some locations will fine you for leaving your temporary fencing up for more than six months. If you need the fencing for a longer period, consider buying it outright.

As you plan your construction or demolition venture, keep safety at the forefront of your mind and plan accordingly. JunkMan’s premier selection of temporary fence rentals in Las Vegas, as well as our same-day service, will be invaluable to you as you plan. Keep this guide on fence rentals and you and what you should know in mind, and you’ll set yourself up for success.